gina wicks

Services offered

Haircuts, all coloring services, facial waxing, styling, blowouts, and therapy.

How to book

  • Call our front desk
  • Email me
  • Find me on Facebook + send me a message!


I have been doing hair for about 14 years.

My specialty is cutting and coloring. I can do anything from shaving designs, crazy bright rainbow/unicorn hair to very, very natural color with dimension and amazing shine.

I do it all!!!!!

At home

Born and raised in Duluth, moved to South Minneapolis right after cosmetology school and have been here ever since.

I love the Twin Cities!!!

my dream day off...

On my time off I really enjoy wine, pizza, Bravo, wine, TJ Maxx, and my pitbull Bruce....maybe not in that order.

Favorite beverage

Did I mention wine?