Janis hansen

Services offered

Haircuts, colors, foils, smoothing treatments.

How to book

  • Text me directly at 612.384.7833
  • Call our front desk
  • Message me on Facebook


I attended Horst/Aveda institute in 1989. I worked at Horst/Juut for 11 years and have been self-employed since 2001.

I like problem solving and my favorite "problem" to solve is how to make my client's hair most manageable for their lifestyle.

At home

I am an explorer and spent my 20's and 30's traveling. However, the lakes, rivers and creeks, and the art, music and theater scenes of the Twin Cities, as well as the unpredictable Minnesota weather have kept me a diehard Minnesotan.

my dream day off...

My favorite day would begin with breakfast and coffee out/outside with a my family, friends or a newspaper. There I would plan the rest of the day which would hopefully involve exploring a new place. Whether it be a different country or city, I might seek out some nature, some culture, some live music, and some good food.

My other best kind of day would be spent picking veggies from the garden or farmers market and spending the entire day cooking for friends or family.

Favorite beverage

Water, IPA, espresso.

When I'm not in the salon, I indulge my creativity by...

Life is art. I approach each day as a blank canvas. I consider all five senses as creative stimulants. A truly rejuvenating day would be spent shopping, people watching, hiking, or volunteering at school.

Complete this thought: Beauty is found...

In your heart.