Jeff Andrews

Services offered

Hair cutting, coloring, and styling. I also have a skincare business that involves corrective facials and chemical peels.

How to book

  • Call our front desk
  • Call or text me directly at 612.599.7651


I have been a stylist for 34 years, and I got my start with Horst and Tom Schmidt salons, both of which were instrumental in my success and education as a stylist. Eventually my good friend and business partner Cally Prairie and I opened The Hair.e.tic in South Minneapolis. A few years after opening The Hairetic, I decided I was ready for a new challenge and opened a skincare business which seemed a perfect marriage of skills to keep me energized and stimulated. 

At home

Me and my husband Donald LaMere have just moved to a beautiful little condo in the sky in Loring Park near downtown Minneapolis, Mn. We have no pets or children, only our beloved plant Palmy.

my dream day off...

I would be biking or walking with good friends enjoying the many beautiful lakes and trails that Minneapolis has to offer.

Favorite beverage

A Manhattan

When I'm not in the salon, I indulge my creativity by...

I am an avid reader and I take advantage of the extensive art scene in the city. I love going to live theatre and museums, of which there is an abundance!

Complete this thought: Beauty is found...

There is the obvious kind of beauty that we all can see in art, nature, and humanity, but the real beauty to me is when you can look into all the chaos that is life and still find the light.