mari widen

Services offered

I offer haircuts for all genders, ages, and hair textures, as well as facial waxing.  

I offer all kinds of color services from foils, to balayage, root retouches, to all over colors.

I will give you unicorn rainbow hair, if you so desire.

How to book


I graduated from the Aveda Institute in 2009. I've always had an interest in the creative art of hair styling, but truly began to grow in my craft when I found my ideal work environment at The Hair.e.tic 4 years ago.

At home

I live in the Lyndale neighborhood of Minneapolis with my partner Kirk, and our adorable children Ares and Lorelei.

my dream day off...

Relaxing with my family and friends.

Favorite beverage

A nice oaky chardonnay.

When I'm not in the salon, I indulge my creativity by...

I build rocket ships out of legos, and play doh pancakes. I also enjoy singing and playing the ukulele.

Complete this thought: Beauty is found... chaos.